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What's New? : NESFI News

" What's New " at NESFI?

Look here to find out about what is happening here at the New England Small Farm Institute.  As an organization of many parts, NESFI has a diverse set of projects and programs that run out of our farm and office in Belchertown MA.  "What's New" is a snapshot of what is going on here day-to-day on the land, on our website, and in the classroom. 


The Lampson Brook Open- Air MPPU is Open for Buisness for the 2012 Season!

After four years of sucessful, statewide operation, Massachusetts first and pioneering Mobile Poultry Processing Unit will be managed as a local fee for service in 2012.

Pioneer Valley Growers who are interested in learning more about the unit are encouraged to contact the NESFI office as early in the 2012 season as possible to learn about this service and necessary licensure and training requirements.

2011 BEF Camp at NESFI: August 7-12, 2011
Gasifier Stoves, Biochar, CHAB, and More ….

Following the inaugural CHAB (Combined Heat And Biochar) Camp last summer at NESFI, this year’s event will broaden the topics covered to allow specialization into individual interests.

The Biomass Energy Foundation (BEF, is launching instructional five-day events around the world called “BEF Camps”. Each BEF Camp is a structured learning experience, where the technical foundation, practical skills and fabrication methods of constructing biomass-fueled devices are taught and put into practice with hands-on efforts by the participants. Typical days are divided between discussing combustion concepts, learning fabrication techniques while building small prototype devices that demonstrate the concepts, and operating the devices on both supplied and locally available fuels.




May 20th 2011

The MPPU Comes Home to Roost for the 2011 Season

After three years of sucessful, statewide pilot operation, Massachusetts's first and pioneering Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (MPPU) will be managed as a local community project in 2011. For more information, visit our MPPU page





June 1st 2011

Belchertown Community Garden Starts its Sixth Season at NESFI!

For six years New England Small Farm Institute has sponsored the Belchertown Community Garden. The garden consists of about half an acre, divided into over fifty 15’ x 20’ plots that are gardened by residents of Belchertown and surrounding communities who pay a small fee to 'lease' a plot for the season. The garden is maintainted and managed by volunteers from NESFI and the community. The garden has proved very popular, continually getting more applicants than it can accommodate, and provides fresh vegetables while getting folks outdoors in a friendly, mutually-supportive atmosphere. For more information about the community garden (we are full this year) contact Warren (at)