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What programs are out there to help me start or develop my farm?

Starting or growing a farm business is exciting-and challenging. There are programs to guide and support you, but no one can address the full range of considerations that are unique to your operation and your personal and business goals. This website is one of the best "one-stop" resources to help you find information to help with your farm's start-up and development.

Here are some things to think about:

  • What do you need? A business plan? Production technical assistance? Help in deciding how to equip your farm? Financing? Legal advice?
  • There are programs sponsored by federal and state public agencies. There are programs offered by farming and other non-governmental organizations. Some of these groups are local, some regional
  • There are programs that provide education and training in specific aspects of farm production and farm business management. There are programs to help locate and acquire farmland. There are programs that offer financing or credit services.
  • Understand the difference between targeted and relevant programs for beginning farmers:

    Targeted programs are those specifically designed for and about new farmers. USDA Beginning Farmer Loan Programs are an example.

    Relevant programs are not aimed at new farmers, but may be useful to you as you start or develop your farm business. A general workshop on integrated pest management is an example.

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