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01 - This is a 20A farm in the hills of northwestern Connecticut producing certified organic vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Our markets include a 300-share CSA, one farmers market, and wholesale accounts.   The farm is leased from Sunny Valley Preserve, a project of The Nature Conservancy, which consists of nine farms and bordering woodlands.  The farm cultivates about 16 acres of vegetable and cover crops.  In addition, we have three greenhouses and a large high tunnel for production of transplants and in-soil tomato production.  The farm is certified organic, and uses a broad range of biological farming approaches such as extensive use of cover crops and on-farm composting.  We use machinery for most tillage and many planting, cultivating, and harvesting operations and train apprentices in the use of this equipment.  The farm is located near town, with quick access to many great hiking and canoeing opportunities in northwestern Connecticut. 


Three full season apprenticeships are available at the farm each growing season, from the first Monday in April through the Friday before Thanksgiving.  Applications are accepted year round, fall is a great time to apply.  Apprentices participate in all aspects of crop production, including planting, cultivating, harvesting, market sales, and CSA distribution.  Practical training in organic crop and overall farm management is offered, as well as training in tractor operation and maintenance.  My goal is to give apprentices the opportunity to learn the skills they will need to manage their own farm. In addition, We are a member of CRAFT of Western Connecticut.  Apprentices will have the opportunity for monthly visits to area farms to tour the farm and hear about that farmer’s area of expertise (see for more info). 


We also keep a small layer flock for egg production for the crew, and raise chickens and Narragansett turkeys.  


Previous farm experience is helpful but not essential.  What is essential is a desire and ability to do outdoor, physical work in all kinds of weather, a sincere interest in farming, and a desire to learn more about it.  Work schedule varies over the season, generally five and a half days a week, 45 hours per week in peak season.   Workweeks are shorter in early spring and late fall.  Apprentices are paid an hourly wage of $8.50 an hour for farm labor and on the job training.  Craft visits and other on-farm educational opportunities are not paid.  Apprentices can choose to live next door to the farm for $250 a month plus a share of the electric bill.  Apprentices completing the full season earn a $500 year-end bonus.  To apply, please send a resume and a letter of intent, or email. 



02 - We have a 1A vegetable garden, a 72’ heated greenhouse for early planting, and 10A for pasture-raised layer hens and 23 Shetland sheep.


A great opportunity!  In exchange for helping care for the 350 free-range hens and sheep, I’m offering the 1A vegetable garden and greenhouse to the intern/partner for growing his/her own vegetables for profit.  Vegetables are sold at an on-site farm stand and at farmers’ markets. Gardening experience is essential.


We need one apprentice from March through September/October.


Accommodations are in a full-sized, live-in trailer on the farm.


Workshops and conferences will be available for education and networking.



03 - We are a small certified organic farm in its 21st  growing season.  Our farm is  located in the Northwest Hills of Connecticut and operates on 10 acres of land.  We presently have a 65-member CSA and also sell at two local farmers’ markets.  We grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables and small fruits.  In addition, the farm has four greenhouses, a large flock of chickens and several beehives.


Apprentices will be exposed to all aspects of the operating of a certified organic farm from crop production, cultivating, harvesting, to sales and marketing of our produce through the CSA and the farmer’s markets.


We are looking for two energetic individuals who wish to increase their knowledge of organic farming.  The work schedule would start in May and run through October.  Interns are expected to work six days a week with a stipend of up to $250/weekly depending on work experience.  Accommodations are a one-room apartment with a separate entrance.  Apprentices can share meals with the family or have access to the kitchen in the main house.


If candidates are seeking college credit, we can help structure a curriculum and are willing to work with any college or university to fulfill the requirements of an independent study course (certified teacher).



04 – This farm is in its 21st year of operation.  The 55-acre farm is picturesquely situated in the Shepaug River Valley in northwestern Connecticut.  From sixteen acres of fertile river bottom soil and two large greenhouses, we grow a full variety of seasonal vegetables and cut flowers.  Our produce is sold at Connecticut farmer’s markets, natural food stores, and local restaurants.  We also make hay on our farm. Two greenhouses are used for general propagation and tomato production.  We also have a new commercial kitchen where we produce vegetarian, value-added food from our produce that we sell at farmer’s markets.  We also can vegetables and tomatoes for our winter market.  We have chickens, bees and milking goats as well.


Four or five apprentices are given the opportunity to learn about all aspects of managing a successful small market farm.  These activities include plant propagation, cultivation (manual and mechanized), record keeping, farm management, harvesting and marketing at our busy farmer’s markets.  There are opportunities to learn the basics of soil fertility, greenhouse management, effective vegetable marketing and beekeeping.  Apprentices can also learn food preparation from our farm chef.  We are looking for apprentices who are energetic and hardworking, who wish to develop a hands-on, practical experience and who can contribute to the team effort that is required for a successful organic farm operation.  Since we are a small operation, we are able to give individual attention in areas that apprentices would like to explore and develop.  We are also members of CT/CRAFT apprentice program.


Since the farm is situated along the Shepaug River, there are opportunities for swimming and tubing.  The town swim pond also borders the farm as well as a large land trust with great hiking trails.  We are also about two hours from New York City.


Apprenticeships are paid minimum wage of $8.25/hour. We offer housing at our apprentice house, which rents for $250/month and is two miles from the farm.  Apprentices are needed from late spring through November.  Please call or write for more information and specific details. Please include a resume and let us know why you are interested in our farm.  You can also see pictures of the farm and watch a farm video on our website.



05 - Apprentice sought for small certified-organic vegetable farm in eastern Connecticut.  Must be physically able with a positive attitude and willing to learn.  No prior experience is necessary.  Must work five long days shadowing the farmer and take two days off each week.  The work can be hard and in varying weather conditions, but has variety in its tasks.  Please, no flakes or dilettantes.


There is the opportunity to learn all aspects of small-scale, intensive, organic vegetable growing and sales (“soil to seed to sale”) in exchange for room, board and about $100/week.


We prefer a non-tobacco-user with a driver’s license, able to work any day of the week.  We suggest a pre-hiring visit to the farm if possible.  We are omnivores but can accept a vegetarian but perhaps not a vegan.


Help is needed from April through October or any sizeable portion of that period, with a possible bonus offered for staying the time agreed upon.


This is a small, certified-organic (since 1989) farm along Connecticut’s eastern border.  We grow about thirty different vegetables and some vegetable seedlings on 1.3A, with a large hoophouse, a larger greenhouse and a “cool house” suitable for year-round production.  We sell at farmer’s markets and festivals, to stores, and through a subscription plan.