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01 - We are small family goat farm and dairy, licensed grade A, producing milk, cheese and yogurt.  We recently purchased 200A Hatch Knoll Farm, which grows MOFGA certified-organic berries.  We do five farmers’ markets and three buying clubs every week.  We are working closely with area farms on a local promotion and delivery of local food.


Daily chores would include morning and evening milking and feeding duties.  Cheesemaking duties would follow milking.  Other duties would include soapmaking, garden work, and farmers’ market attendance, jam-making, and field and garden work.  All duties and chores will be on rotation.  Some meals and meal duties will be shared.  Special projects include extensive woods grazing, mobile milking unit, and building an eco-friendly cabin.


We’re looking for an apprentice as early as April through October; June, July and August are required.  This position would have a heavy dairy concentration with other farm tasks secondary to goats, milking and cheese duties.  We need two apprentices for June-August for a taste of all farm duties, especially blueberry harvest.


Accommodations are rustic: definite tenting, possible small camp, sun shower, outdoor toilet with indoor toilet use also.  Most meals shared and small stipend offered.  A small room in our barn and two canvas bell tents are available.  Room is furnished and tents have mattresses and some furniture.


Apprentices will be learning by working closely with family members and doing.  Many books are available and questions are always welcome.  We also have a wealth of information from other farms.  All hands-on learning.  Room board and a small stipend are included.



02 - This is a 31A, 80-member CSA farm with 2A in garden, 20A in pasture and the remainder in woodlot.  We are mostly vegetable growers with some beef and 50 laying hens.


Work to be done includes:   seed starts and transplanting, garden prep, weeding, scything and raking hay for mulch, harvesting for market and CSA shares.  We are a “limited input” operation and use hand tools only.


Our needs vary with the season but most help is needed from April to November, two would be ideal.


Accommodations are separate from farmer with board provided.  Meals, except dinner, will be communal.  Stipends are available and open to negotiation.


Instructions will be hands-on with work done alongside the farmer with time allotted for workers to attend workshops.  We have land on a stream for recreation.



03 - We’re an organic and diversified dairy with a farm store.


Work to be done includes daily chores with small and large animals, garlic harvest, gardening, food preservation, cheese-making and bakery.


We’re looking for no more than two apprentices at a time, August through October – as well as May and June, which are busy months.


Accommodations are a non-electric yurt that sleeps up to three.


We offer practical experience in dairying, large and small animal care, cheese-making, fiber arts, baking, food-processing, gardening and bee-keeping.



04 - The farm comprises 26 acres of woods, pasture and farm buildings housing the dairy and cheese-making operations, a retail farmstand, a large vegetable garden and a compost operation.


Primary responsibilities will be: care and feeding of all goats, assisting with dairy production of cheese and other value-added products, along with an extensive vegetable garden, retail farmstand and compost operation.


We’re looking for one or two apprentices from May to October or one year or longer.


Housing consists of a cabin for one person.  Meals are shared in the farmhouse.

We’re situated in coastal Maine near Acadia National Pak.  There are many cultural activities as well as hiking, biking, swimming, skiing, and canoeing.