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01 - We manage our certified-organic farm and almost 50A of woodlands and wetlands for wildlife and pollinator habitat.  We wildcraft some products by foraging, and cultivate unusual berries, such as Aronia, honeyberry, currants, gooseberries and elderberries, which we make into value-added products.  This year will be the year we ramp up berry production as we plant hundreds of elderberry, Aronia, and blueberries in former woodland.  10A were cut as part of a grant to create early successional habitat.  Other major additions include a new processing facility for our value-added products and a second, larger high-tunnel greenhouse for in-ground tomato and raspberry production.


We are looking for one or two apprentices with some experience in working at a certified-organic farm, preferably with berries rather than typical row vegetable crops.  If we are successful in receiving a SARE grant this March, the apprentice would participate and help manage experimental plots of berries planted with techniques such as hugelculture.  Work to be done includes disease and insect monitoring, soil testing, planting bare root woody plants, picking and processing fruit, helping put up the new greenhouse, weeding, pruning, etc.  We attend multiple farmers’ markets in the eastern and western part of Massachusetts, and make deliveries to stores.  An apprentice needs a car and should expect to participate in at least one farmers’ market per week.  Beekeeping and poultry care is optional.  Work begins in early May and runs through October.  We prefer someone who can commit to at least three months.


Accommodations include use of the farmhouse for cooking, often with shared meals, and a 35’ mobile home parked on site.  Basic essentials and all produce from the farm are included.  We will offer a twice-monthly stipend for the right candidate based on experience, mutual interests and commitment.  Please see our website for more details.



02 – This is a small grass-based dairy in Williamstown, Massachusetts.  We make several award-winning cheeses from the milk of our registered herd of Brown Swiss and Jersey cows (currently milking about 25 cows).  In addition to the cheese, we sell raw milk from our farm store.  We also raise pigs and beef, as well as layer hens.  We make all our own hay for our cows (three cuts on 10A).  We have a bakery located on the farm that supplies the store with fresh bread, cookies, granola, and other baked goods. We are a member of Berkshire Grown and sell cheese to many shops and restaurants in the Berkshires.  We attend several local farmers markets and have a full-farm CSA offering milk, cheese, eggs, beef, pork & bread.  We also have a cheese CSA in Brooklyn, NY.  


We are looking for 2-5 interns to join us for 2012 .  Interns would help in cheese making, general farm work, or both.  All interns must have good people skills and enjoy interacting with the public.  We're looking for interns who are excited about taking on significant responsibility.  All interns will be attending weekly farmers markets and occasionally making deliveries.  All interns work six full days per week with one full day off. We all work as a team here and we'd like to find interns who want to take on an independent project/aspect of the business and build it.

Ideal candidates would be interested/able to stay for a full year; we request an absolute minimum of 7-month stay.  Ideal start date April 1, but no later than May 15, 2012; end date no earlier than Dec 15, 2012.

We provide housing, a stipend, and some food.  Interns will share the farm house with the other interns, located on the farm.  The house has wireless Internet, heat, two bathrooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen.  We also provide a stipend starting at $500/month.  Amount of stipend depends on experience and length of commitment.  Raw milk is free and available to all Cricket Creek staff and interns.  All staff and interns have access to pulled baked goods, freezer-burned meat, and receive a 20% discount on all items in our farm store.  

Educational opportunities include: cheese making, rotational grazing, farm marketing, cow health, milking, hay production, community interaction. Access to our small library of farm/cheese related books.



03 - This farm is 27A of fields and forest, growing vegetables and herbs, expanding to 3A of raised bed-hoop houses for produce.


Work to be done includes planting, monitoring, harvesting produce, general farm-related projects, delivering to farmers’ markets, record-keeping, marketing, etc.


We’re looking for one, possibly two, apprentices from April through November if possible.


Accommodations include a private room, bath, and meals.  Compensation is 15% of farmers’ markets profits, and 10% of year-end net profit as a bonus.  Work schedule to be decided.


A related summer class is available, and there are hiking and riding trails, a pond for swimming, and theater and music.



04 - We have a 6-acre intensive family farm located on Martha’s Vineyard and are in our 18th year of production.  Our crops include cut flowers, salad greens, heirloom tomatoes, and shiitake mushrooms.  Pigs, dairy goats, equines, laying hens and meat birds are also an integral part of our farm.  We sell to local restaurants and two very busy farmers’ markets per week.  We are located in a rural part of the island near many walking/biking trails and a public beach.


We have one full-time position available for an experienced farm worker.  Duties include all aspects of farm labor plus must have experience with farm machinery (tractor, implements for tractor, mowers, etc.), and have a valid driver’s license.  Must have good communication skills, be self-motivated, have a cheerful attitude and a keen sense of awareness.  You will be working with a crew as well as alone.  Past farming experience is needed.  We offer separate housing with kitchen and outdoor shower.  Salary is $14/hour minus ten hours/week exchange for housing.  Workdays are full and diverse, 5 ½ days per week (40-50 hours).  Duties include seeding, pruning, planting, weeding, harvesting, processing salads, and arranging floral bouquets.  Some help with farm maintenance, deliveries, farmers’ markets, and animal care. 


You will have the opportunity to learn the finer aspects of small farm management, animal husbandry, and a chance to participate in educational field trips to other farms on Martha’s Vineyard.  Field produce is available as well as discounted organic meat.



05 - We cultivate a variety of fruits and vegetables that are sustainably grown, and have a 627-member CSA.  We attend 13 farmer’s markets each week, many on Cape Cod and in Boston.


The farmer holds an MBA from UME and has used his knowledge and experience to create new local markets.  He has also collaborated in unique ways with area farms and organizations to increase public awareness of the importance of locally-grown and sustainable agriculture in MA and RI.


Apprentices will learn how Silverbrook Farm has fostered partnerships with health facilities, universities and high schools.  They will also learn how the farmer has involved the local community in farm life and understanding where their food comes from and where it should not come from.


Apprentices will actively participate in the full year farm cycle from planning and implementation to harvesting, safely controlling pests and preparing fields for the winter.  They will be exposed to the science, economics and philosophy of sustainable farming as well as the politics and process of starting and managing a farmers’ market or CSA.  They will learn how to write state and federal grants for farm development and equipment.  We also offer learning opportunities with other local farms, cheese producers and non-profit agricultural support organizations.


Work can be physically demanding at times and may include planting, cultivating, irrigating, mulching, weeding, harvesting, helping with farmers’ markets and the CSA, and feeding our free-range hens.  The opportunity to learn beekeeping and Shiitake mushroom cultivation is also available.


We provide knowledge, experience, and room and board in exchange for the required 35-hour workweek.  Additional hours may be asked of you but will be compensated.


Lodging is in our home with your own bedroom.  Driver’s License and your own transportation are required.


We must have your commitment for the entire growing season, March through October.  (Specific arrival dates in those months are flexible).


The application process includes:  your email to us, followed by our email or a phone call to you: a letter of intent detailing why you want this experience, what you hope to learn, and what strengths you can bring to the farm; a resume; two references with emails or phone numbers; and a proposed date for interview visit (a two-day working farm visit is required before final acceptance).


We are seeking energetic, hard working folks with a positive attitude who can work and socialize well on a team!  We want your experience to be fun, educational and rewarding.