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New York

01 – This farm has 12 acres in mixed vegetables. Crops are sold both wholesale and retail at farmers' markets, and a winter CSA. Work to be done: greenhouse work, weeding, transplanting, irrigation, harvest, washing and packing vegetables. There is also optional tractor work, pest control, trucking and selling at farmers' markets.


Apprentices needed April or May through November. Full season stay strongly encouraged. We have a small camper with kitchen, outdoor shower & outhouse. The spacious barn apartment is not available for 2010, but will be in the future. We pay an hourly wage (with raises for hard workers), free produce, and an end of season bonus. We offer on the job training, including how to do a job, why it is done a certain way, how to make judgments about quality and efficiency. Informal discussions of organic farming issues as they come up. Twenty-five years of experience to share.


Seneca Lake is within walking distance for swimming, etc. 100 acres of woods for

hiking. We are located 30 minutes from Ithaca.



02 - We are a small community homestead nestled in the Catskills’ foothills sustainably growing organic produce, herbs, ornamentals and layers (for eggs) on 30A for the culinary trade.  We are offering four apprenticeships (for full or partial season) in crop growing, including some facilities and equipment repair and maintenance, and animal care.  This year we will be adding some new hoop houses.  Interns will receive a small weekly stipend, room (camping or barn space), and board (great organic food) in exchange for approximately 40 hours of work per week.  Our locale is rich with cultural and recreational attractions; public transportation is available.  Volunteers are always welcome; internships are for 1 month or longer beginning March thru end October.



03 - We are a small, highly diversified and growing certified-organic vegetable and livestock operation with a direct-marketing focus, located on Wellesley Island in the Thousand Islands region in northern NY.  Our products include over 200 varieties of gourmet and heirloom organic vegetables and vegetable plants small fruit, eggs, pastured pork, goat, poultry and beef.  We are an agritourism destination with on-farm primitive camping and educational farm tours.


Work/learning opportunities vary with the season, the farm’s needs, and the interest of the intern and may include: honeybees, grape vineyard, fence construction, intensive grazing management, drip irrigation, vegetable planting, harvesting and weeding, greenhouse operations, livestock care, mulch and organic fertilizers, row covers, hoop houses, and other season extension, stocking farm-stand, preparing for CSA, farmers’ markets and chef orders, machinery repair and modification, farm construction including building and feeders, wood-lot management, conducting tours and workshops, and whatever else needs to be done.


We generally need one or two apprentices at a time, especially April through October, however we welcome volunteers year-round.  We have one room available, and on-farm camping is an option. We provide room and board and some off-farm transportation. We speak some French and Spanish.


Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are available on the farm in winter, boating and swimming down the road at state park in summer, and hiking and biking, year-round.  Near Canadian border.  Check our website for more info.



04 - Of 133 total acres, five are currently farmed in organic and biodynamic crops, including rice next year.


Work to be done includes weeding, harvesting, planting, tilling, fencing and invoicing.


We’re looking for 2-4 apprentices April through November.


We offer room and board in an apartment above the greenhouse or in barn.

There’s the opportunity for soccer, basketball, swimming, hiking and biking.



05 - This organic farm consists of 12A of garden, 100A of cropland, and 100A of woodland.


Types of work to be done include: planting, inspecting, pet and weed control, cultivating, harvesting, preparation, marketing and promotion of organic products.


We need 4-6 apprentices from April 1st through November 2012.


Accommodations are an apartment with three rooms and bath in a B&B.

Recreational opportunities include boating and fishing in the St. Lawrence River, hiking in Adirondack Mountains nearby, and there are four colleges in the area



06 - We have a two-acre farm, .25A to .5A dedicated to production, .75A in cover crop, and the rest in permanent raised-bed educational gardens.


Apprentices will lead a variety of farm-based activities and educational programs for campers while assisting in maintaining the daily operations of the farm.  When camp is not in session the apprentices will help run a variety of educational programs on the site and the farm.


We need six apprentices from April 16th to October 15th.


Apprentices will receive full room and board as well as a stipend of $2,000.


We hold weekly seminars in organic, small-scale agriculture, training in Jewish environmental education, participate in the Hudson Valley CRAFT program, hold various on-site workshops, and organize field trips to organic and educational farms n the area.



07 - Enterprises:  Now operating in our 25th year, we are a certified organic produce farm located in Orange County, NY.  We grow 13 acres of vegetables and herbs on an old dairy farm that is 88 acres in size. We also have about fifty fruit trees and a small flock of chickens. In 2007, a conservation easement was placed on our farm.


Work to be done: Interns are involved in greenhouse work, planting, growing, tending, harvesting and marketing of more than 75 different vegetables and herbs. Our produce is sold at the Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan from late May to December.


We are seeking interns to fill six positions.  We have a long history of working with interns. More than 160 people have worked on our farm over the past 20 years, most staying for a full season, some for two or three seasons. We prefer people with outdoor and physical work experience who can stay for six to eight months (April/May to Nov./Dec.) and who have a strong interest in learning about and practicing sustainable agriculture.  Many of those who live and work on the farm stay in touch long after the season is over and return to visit. Learning is mostly hands-on and interns are expected to take responsibility for many tasks and individual projects (greenhouse management, irrigation, record keeping, etc.).


We offer good housing with private rooms, bathrooms and kitchen facilities, plus a $300 per week stipend, increasing to $350 per week after eight weeks, and late season bonuses. Those returning for a second year receive a larger stipend. Meals are not provided but interns can cook and eat anything we grow. A long-term, year-round, co-management position is also available, with salary and benefits increasing substantially over time. There is plenty of discussion of organic methods and philosophy. Reading material is available for those who are interested.


The farm is an appealing place, set well back off the road and buffered by woods. It has varied terrain and topography. It is rich in animal and bird life. It has a creek and three ponds, one of which is good for swimming. We are a short distance from the Appalachian Trail and the Delaware River, and about two hours from New York City.  To learn more about this farm and read what ten former interns had to say about their experiences here, check out the book, It’s a Long Road to a Tomato, by Keith Stewart.  To see photos of the farm, go to the publisher’s website:



08 – This farm consists of six acres of market garden for organic vegetables, flowers and herbs for retail in New York City greenmarket, wholesale, CSA’s and farm stand.


Work to be done includes the full range of planting, cultivating, harvesting and marketing.


Three interns are needed from April to November.


Accommodations include room and board with stipend of $600-800/month to be negotiated.  Living options include bungalow and trailer.


Opportunities include hands-on experience in established operation (30+ years) on 200-year-old family farm – on Peach Lake, with commuter access to New York City.



09 - Well-established biodynamic training center seeks interns for the 2012 season.  Internship is a full-time program that combines academic work with hands-on experience in the Center's two-acre educational garden fields and apiary.


Interns attend all courses and workshops of the center.  The weekly seminar on Rudolf Steiner's "Agriculture" and monthly daylong sessions in the introductory course "Training in Biodynamics" anchor the academic work.  A strong emphasis is placed on learning and deepening biodynamic principles and techniques.  Along with gardening, draft horse work, organic beekeeping and gardening in education are important focal points of the work at the Center.  The intern will improve basic skills and learn advanced techniques in the garden, greenhouse and apiary.  After a probationary period the student will be expected to help carry responsibility for the garden and surrounding landscape.


Internship at the center provides a significant amount of instruction in both classroom and garden settings, unlike most farm apprenticeships that are more physically demanding and provide little or no academic background. Internships normally last a year and start in the early spring.  Different starting dates are available subject to availability.  Housing and food from garden in season provided; no stipend.  The Pfeiffer Center will cooperate with colleges and universities offering credit for internship programs or work on special projects.  It is the responsibility of the student to secure credit for the internship.


The center was founded in 1996 to develop and promote a healthy approach to caring for the land through biodynamic agriculture and is sponsored by the Threefold Educational Foundation.