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01 - This is a 77-acre farm raising pastured poultry, chickens, turkeys, eggs, beef, pork, produce and tree fruit.


Jobs to be done include: daily care of livestock and fruit/vegetable crops, planting and harvesting of vegetables, high-tunnel operations, marketing duties through farmers’ markets and restaurants, etc.


We need one apprentice from 3/15/12 to mid-October.


The farm is immediately next to the Alleghany National Forest and near several beautiful state parks and gamelands. Hiking, hunting, fishing and camping are all easily available.



02 - This is a family farm, owned and operated by Jim and Moie Kimball Crawford, located in the rural ridges and valleys of south central PA.  We have been growing organic vegetables for 40 years (certified for 20 years).  We grow about 50 crops, including berries and herbs, on 30 of our 95 acres.


Our twelve apprentices spend considerable time on jobs such as planting, transplanting, pest and weed control, harvesting, packing and selling our produce at farmers’ markets in Washington, D.C.  However, we consider our apprentices only secondarily as part of our labor force.  Their primary role is assisting in management of crops, equipment and marketing.  We assume the duty of training them for this management.  Specific responsibilities are divided among all of us so that we can function smoothly as a team.  Our goal is to help create a larger community of trained, professional, organic growers who can in turn help our sector of agriculture thrive.


We require a full-season stay (April or May to November or December) and strongly encourage a year-round stay or a 2-3 month winter break and return for additional season.  We encourage long-term commitment with increasing responsibilities and compensation.


Apprentices live rent- and utilities-free in private, one-person cabins with shared cooking facilities, or in a nearby house, which we own.  We offer all-inclusive free board, along with $1,000 - $1,200/month for the first season, with year-end bonus