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Regional Apprentice Groups

Many farms listed in NEWOOF's Farms List participate in regional groups designed to provide apprentices with expanded opportunities for learning through farm visits and presentations. 

Several such programs exist, including CRAFT; programs modeled after CRAFT: Eastern Massachusetts CRAFT, Dutchess/Ulster County CRAFT, Midwest CRAFT, as well as others.

CRAFT: Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training

CRAFT Hudson River/Berkshire/Pioneer Valley area, is a cooperative effort of organic and biodynamic farms in theorganized to provide additional educational experiences for farm interns.  CRAFT's goals are:

  • to give a broader experience to interns than they can receive on their farm alone;
  • to provide a peer base to help interns connect with others who share similar goals; and
  • to increase the skill base in sustainable agriculture

From April through October, every other Saturday, interns from participating farms gather at one farm for a visit and/or workshop.  Each visit includes an overview of the farm as well as a hands-on demonstration of one or two specific topics.  In addition, some of the farm visits include a workshop on theoretical topics.

Some of the topics covered during the visits and workshops include: soil fertility, compost making, cover cropping, tillage methods, tractor maintenance and safety, mechanical weed control, greenhouse management, seed saving, orcharding, dairying and livestock, rotational grazing, getting started in farming, planning and record keeping, budgets and finances, value added products, marketing, and CSA management.

Please contact participating farms directly if you want to know more about CRAFT.

* Eastern Massachusetts CRAFT

CRAFT of Eastern MA is comprised of a committed group of farms in eastern Massachusetts, which have joined together to provide educational opportunities for apprentices, interns, and farm workers.  The core of the program is a schedule of semi-monthly farm visits to diverse operations.  Each visit will focus on a specific topic that explores a specialty of the particular farm.  Please contact individual farms directly for more information.

* Midwest CRAFT

* Dutchess-Ulster County (NY) CRAFT