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How do I handle all the regulations that may impact my farming operation?

Research legal issues before you start a farm or make changes to your farm operation to save a lot of trouble.


  • Research the legal issues that may affect your operation.
  • Make sure your farm is in compliance with relevant regulations.


  • The Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing addresses legal concerns of direct-market operations. It also covers selling on-farm or at farmers' markets; organizational structure, licenses, and taxation; financial issues; labeling and advertising; land use and property law; labor law; insurance and liability; and regulations relevant to on-farm processing and sales of meat and other livestock products.  It is available from the bookstore.
  • The National Agricultural Risk Assessment Library
    The Risk Assessment Library offers many documents about negotiating legal terrain.
  • Gemplers' Labor Law Compliance: A Working Guide for Ag/Hort Employers summarizes legal issues for farm employers.
  • Summary of Federal Laws and Regulations Affecting Agricultural Employers. This guide to legal farm labor issues, including information on exemptions for smaller operations, is Available online at


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