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Goal Setting and Decision Making

Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making, Savory, Allan. 2nd edition, Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 1999. Goal setting for quality of life, ecological sustainability and profitability.

Grower to Grower: Creating a livelihood on a Fresh Market Vegetable Farm. A study conducted by University of Wisconsin Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems of vegetable growers at three scales of operation, the smallest being 0.5-2.7 acres. The study authors state that the information "can help guide growers as they set financial and quality of life goals."

Whole Farm Planning with Holistic ManagementTM - An introductory site that walks readers through the steps of goal setting and farm planning using the HM model.

Holistic Management TM a Whole-Farm Decision-Making Framework- A summary by ATTRA of Holistic ManagementTM planning steps.

Whole Farm Planning: Combining Family, Profit and Environment. An overview of approaches to and elements of whole farm planning.