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Market Research

Direct Marketing - Overview of direct marketing with a section on market research and developing a marketing plan.

Alternative Meat Marketing - Market research, enterprise selection, value-added and start-up considerations for direct and other alternative meat marketing strategies.

Organic Marketing Resources - Resource list of publications, websites and organizations about the marketing of organic products and organic market resources.

"Organic: From Niche to Mainstream" - article from Statistics Canada about organic farming in Canada, and consumer trends.

Alternative Beef Marketing - Background information on been marketing and report on markets for organic, pasture-finished and "natural" beef and meat products.

"Farmers and Their Diversified Horticultural Marketing Strategies: An Educational Video on Innovative Marketing" The farmers talk about how they developed their marketing strategies, how they perform ongoing market research, and other details of profitable farm business operation. Available from the NESFI Bookstore.

"Doing Your Own Market Research: Tips on Evaluating the Market for New Farm-Based Enterprises" (Adobe Reader required) - Overview specifically written for farmers.

"Growing for Market" Magazine for small growers, with monthly wholesale price reports on herbs and cut flowers, along with articles on market gardening. Many articles on legal, liability and management issues.

"Farming Alternatives: A Guide to Evaluating the Feasibility of New Farm-Based Enterprises" User-friendly overview of enterprise selection and business planning. Written for established farms that are considering adding a new enterprise, but of use to beginning farmers as well. Available from the NESFI Bookstore.

"Green Markets' for Farm Products" Market research summary on alternative market opportunities.

"Northeast Farms to Food: Understanding Our Region's Food System" Review of food production, processing, distribution and consumption in the Northeast. Useful resource for market research. Produced by the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG). Available from the NESFI Bookstore.

Emerging Markets for Family Farms: Opportunities to Prosper Through Social and Environmental Responsibility. O’Neill, Kelly. Walthill, NE: Center for Rural Affairs, 1997. Market research describing “green marketing” opportunities. Available from Center for Rural Affairs, (402) 846-5428 or

Making it on the Farm: Increasing Sustainability Through Value-Added Processing and Marketing. Richards, Keith, and Deborah Wechsler. Elkins, AR: Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, 1996. Guide to on-farm processing. Available from SSAWG Publications, P.O. Box 324, Elkins, AR 72727. or

U.S. Census Bureau: Online resource with demographic data on a state and town basis. Visit