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Market Strategies


Choosing Your Market: A Direct Market Decision Tool - From Georgia Organics. 

Direct Marketing - Overview of direct marketing with a section on market research and development of a marketing plan.

Farmers and their Diversified Horticultural Marketing Strategies - Clips from the excellent 1999 Vern Grubinger video from University of Vermont Extension.  Fourteen farmers representing 8 farms in 4 northeastern states share their marketing strategies from road side stands, to CSAs and restaurants, to wholesale cooperatives. Also available in video form from the NESFI Bookstore.

Alternative Meat Marketing - Market research, enterprise selection, value-added and start-up considerations for direct and other alternative meat marketing strategies.

Organic Marketing Resources - Resource list of publications, websites and organizations about the marketing of organic products and organic market resources.

Alternative Beef Marketing - Background information on been marketing and report on markets for organic, pasture-finished and "natural" beef and meat products.

Processing and Marketing Chicken Products: Meat and Eggs - Overview of marketing and processing issues for chicken producers.

Alternative Marketing of Pork - Direct marketing and niche markets for pork producers.

"Growing for Market" Magazine for small growers, with monthly wholesale price reports on herbs and cut flowers, along with articles on market gardening. Many articles on legal, liability and management issues.

"Preparing a Business Plan, Guide for Agricultural Producers: Direct Marketing Example" Sample business plan for direct-marketed vegetables with blank worksheets. Many other sample business plans also on website.

"The Legal Guide for Direct Farm Marketing" Covers liability, regulations, labor law, processed foods and meat marketing issues for farm stands, farmers' markets, CSAs and other direct marketing strategies. Available from the NESFI Bookstore.

"Sharing the Harvest" Guide to starting and running a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm. Available from the NESFI Bookstore.

"Small Scale Food Entrepreneurship: A Technical Guide for Food Ventures" Start-up guide for food-processing and value-added enterprises. Available from the NESFI Bookstore.

"The Stockman Grass Farmer" Magazine for grassfed livestock producers; includes many profiles of successful marketers.

*Canadian Farm Business Management Council. Marketing on the Edge: A Marketing Guide for Progressive Farmers. Ottawa, ON: CFBMC, 2002. Comprehensive guide to direct marketing. Co-published by the North American Farmers’ 

The New Farmers’ Market: Farm-Fresh Ideas for Producers, Managers & Communities. Auburn, CA: Direct Marketing Association (NAFDMA). Available at or call (413) 529-0386. Corum, Vance, Marcie Rosenzweig and Eric Gibson.New World Publishing, 2001. Information on marketing through farmers’ markets.

Selling Produce to Restaurants: A Marketing Guide for Small Growers. Green, Diane. Sandpoint, ID: Greentree Naturals, 1999. Guide for farmers considering selling to restaurants. Available from Greentree Naturals at (208) 263-8957 or