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DACUM Occupational Profile

DACUM Occupational Profile for Northeast Small Scale 'Sustainable' Farmer


In 1999, The New England Small Farm Institute convened a panel of eleven experienced farmers to take a first step toward developing a training curriculum for new farmers. Using a vocational process called "DACUM" (short for "Design A CurriculUM"), the panel created an Occupational Profile for Northeast, Small Scale ‘Sustainable' Farmers - a listing of the knowledge and skills required to successfully own and operate a farm. The profile divides the "job" of farming into twelve broad "duties," or major divisions of work (e.g., market farm products & services). Each duty is further divided into "tasks" (e.g., monitor market conditions). In addition to providing an outline for NESFI's new farmer training curriculum, the DACUM profile can help aspiring farmers see just what it is they will likely be facing - what they will need to know and be able to do - if they make a decision to own and operate a farm.

The Occupational Profile is available in several forms: (see left.)

  • 11" x 17" wall chart. Must be spread out on a table or wall to be viewed. Also available from the NESFI Bookstore.
  • Narrative outline,  which many people find easier to read.

And as a tool for self-assessment:

  • In-Depth Self-Assessment  for new farmers.
  • For a less detailed self-assessment use the Knowledge & Skills Assessment Worksheet or Worksheet 4 (see left)

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