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Programs and Projects for New Farmers


Northeast New Farmer Program Profiles (1.2 MB)
A collection of 23 program profiles by and about GNF Consortium member organizations that specifically target new farmers in their region or state. Profiles contain information on the organization, the target audience, needs addressed, response created, challenges and successes, partners, outreach and promotion, funding sources, and next steps (GNF Project/NESFI, 2004).

The profiles in this publication are also available to be viewed individually:

High School Agricultural Apprenticeships (96 KB)
A report on the creation of the first certified high school apprenticeship in agriculture in the US. The program is in Pennsylvania. (PA Farm Link, 2000)

GNF Pilot Projects

The Growing New Farmers Project brought together and provided support to GNF Consortium member organizations to undertake projects that benefit new farmers. To learn more about these projects, click the organization's name to go directly to its website.

Chester County Economic Development Council developed several new loan programs for beginning farmers.

NY FarmLink tested a cooperative-financed milk marketing contract.

Maine Department of Agriculture worked with partners to explore ways to provide operating loans to new farmers, and created a brochure outlining how beginning farmers can become credit-worthy.

Greenmarket/New Farmer Development Project created a peer-monitored revolving loan fund for new immigrant farmers.

NOFA VT explored cooperative marketing using the Community Supported Agriculture model.

Beginner Farmers of New Hampshire investigated collective approaches such as pooled product to increasing market access for new farmers.

Nuestras Raices helped new urban farmers in Holyoke, Massachusetts get their Puerto Rican specialty crops to local markets.

The Connecticut Farm Bureau designed "Farming for Me", an educational program for prospective farmers.

The Hartford Food System worked with land conservation partners to provide new farmers with tenure on protected farmland.