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Farm Partners


Current farm partners on site include:


Bob's everlastings and White Oak Forest Products


"White Oak Forest Products/ Bob's Everlastings is a small steadily growing operation specializing in commercial forest products and organically grown cut flowers and vegetables. The forestry portion of the business has been going on for the last 20 years and has earned a certificate as Master Logger which promotes environmentally sound forest management. For the past 4 years I have expanded to organically grown flowers and vegetable and just recently added beef feeder calves and breeding pigs to the inventory."

Farmacy Gardens


"Farmacy Gardens is a small farm enterprise committed to growing food that is nutritionally dense, with more flavor, and less miles.  We offer a diverse variety of local, high quality, and chemical free produce. We cultivate our crops using farm methods that enhance the symbiotic relationship between the soil and plants to create a beneficial ecosystem for everyone."

White Oak Farm


Producing organic grain (wheat, barley, spelt, corn, rye, and more.) Stone ground flour, grain processing services (cleaning, hulling, drying). New this year: fresh, pasture raised poultry. CSA shares. Also at White Oak Farm: First Frost Provisions: Jams, baked goods and preserves made with locally grown and wildcrafted ingredients and sweetners.

Arnie Voeringer's  long standing farm shop and unique collection of 1950s John Deeres, and other carefuly restored, well used, and appropriately sized farm equipment had been the backbone of NESFI for many years. White Oak Farm continues to benefit from his legacy.

Farmers Friend Compost.

Farmer's Friend processes local yard waste and UMass dining commons food material into agricultural compost. A new manure pick-up service will link Farmer's Friend to local horse owners.


Stone Soup Farm and CSA


"Stone Soup Farm sells most of its produce through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in Belchertown, Leominster, Cambridge, and Boston. It's a farm and grows food, but it's also a community, and a place of education about farming and the environment. In addition to growing food for market, provides a small farm demonstration and training center for people who wish to learn how to run a small farm.  Come on by, have a picnic, pick your own berries, herbs, and flowers, bring the kids and let them play on the playground equipment."

Nuts and Berries CSA

This new enterprise offers fruit berries and nuts to a limited number of shareholders. Orchard crops are planted in a self-renewing ecosystem. This project is being established with the help of UMass students.

Belchertown Community Garden


On land sub-leased from NESFI, Belchertown Community Garden presently provides 15X20 sq ft plots to about forty families in the Belchertown area.  Arnie Voehringer tills and plants cover crops in the fall, and cultivates again in the spring to provide prime planting conditions.  Volunteers design the plot designations and lay out the boundary markers for all the plots, then help with fall clean-up and storage.  NESFI provides access to some tools and an abundant supply of compost.