Assess Your Resources

Financial Resources Inventory: -The only online source authorized by the FTC for free annual credit reports.  You are entitled to one free report per year from each of the three major credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

Farm Credit – Find your local Farm Credit lender.

Farm Service Agency – Information about government lending programs for farmers.

“Access to Credit”  (see left) – A brief overview by The New England Small Farm Institute, originally published in The Natural Farmer.

Building Better Rural Places”   – A resource guide to federal resources for farmers and others, including information about some loan and grant programs.

Financing Small-Scale and Part-Time Farms”  – Overview from Penn State Agriculture Alternatives.

The Carrot Project – A microloan fund for New England farmers. 

NESARE Farmer Grant Program – Grants for farmers interested in testing new ideas and farm techniques.

Physical Resources Inventory:

Land Linking Programs – These programs match farmers and farmland

“Access to Land”  (see left) – A brief overview by The New England Small Farm Institute, originally published in The Natural Farmer.

Is Farm Leasing Right for You?  4 module online tutorial from Land for Good that provides basic information, lease example and linked resources

State Soil Surveys – Contact information to request soil maps for the counties you are interested in. Maps for some states are available as downloadable file.

National Water and Climate Center – Resources on rainfall, growing season and other climate information. Part of the USDA National Resource and Conservation Service website

 “Estimated Equipment Needs for Various Sizes of Vegetable Farms”  (Microsoft Excel required) – A table from ATTRA showing what basic equipment is needed for vegetable operations of different scales.

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