New England Landlink

New England Landlink

…helping farmers and farmland find each other

About New England Landlink (NELL)
NELL is a program to help farmers and landholders locate and transfer farms in New England. Finding and transferring farms are among the biggest challenges that New England farmers face. Since 1994, NELL has helped hundreds of entering and relocating farmers find farms. Through NELL, farm owners and managers have found farmers for their valued farm properties.

Farm transfer means passing a farm, farmland and/or farm business from one party to another. Transfer options include sale, lease, work-in and other tenure relationships.

Joining NELL
NELL offers a web-based listing of farm properties in New England and New York. This web page also connects you to other linking programs and resources regionally and nationally.

Farm seekers:
Check out dozens of available properties! Properties may be for sale, rent, lease, “work-in” or other tenure arrangement. (See below to view the property listings.)

All listings are checked for currency once a year.

Join the program, receive contact information for properties that interest you. You’ll get updates with new property listings. Fee is $25/year.

  • Download the application form for farmers looking for land (on the left.)

Farm property owners and managers:
Are you looking to sell, rent, or lease your farm property? Are you looking for a farm manager or partner? NELL will post your description of your farm or farming opportunity on our website (without personal contact information). And, an announcement about your property will go to over 500 seekers in the program via e-mail. There is no charge to list your property. We will be glad to work with anyone interested in the following arrangements:

  • RENT/LEASE with option for EVENTUAL SAL
  • Download the application form for farmland owners and managers (on the left)

Contact Us:

To use the listings:


Note the ID numbers of any listings that you are interested in.
Send these ID numbers to NELL requesting contact information.

If you are already enrolled in the program, we will review the requests and send along the contact information, if appropriate.

If you are not yet enrolled, you can do so at this time. Contact Us: