New Farmer Q&A

Every farmer and farm is unique. But there are some basic questions that many new and aspiring farmers face when trying to launch a farm enterprise. Click on any of the questions below. Each response contains useful information, publications, and web links. This list was orignally part of the Growing New Farmers project and has been expanded and updated.

I would like to start farming. Where do I begin?

I am considering farming as part of my lifes work. How do I find help to guide my decision-making?

I want to learn more about farming. Where can I go to get information and experience?

What programs are out there to help me start or develop my farm?

How do I find a farm or farmland?

How do I know this farm or farmland is the right place for me?

How do I develop a conservation or land use plan for my property?

Do I need a business plan for my farm?

I want to start a farm, or I have started to farm. What about loans, grants and other sources of capital to help me?

What legal, tax and regulatory information must I know to run my farm?

I want to grow/raise XXXX on my farm. Where can I find information to help me?

How do I market my product(s)?

I plan to take over my family’s farm. What are the best ways to accomplish this?

I plan to take over an existing farm business. What are the best ways to accomplish this?